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A new garage door could be a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal. Many homeowners upgrade the garage door to increase home value. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, Discovery Garage Doors is your best choice. We have been in the business for many years and we install garage doors every day.

Our process of installing a new garage door is specially designed to keep things simple and seamless. Our technicians come to your garage, take measurements, show you some samples, and provide consulting—all before completing our quick and reliable installation.

People also often associate a garage door installation with complications. We make it the opposite by breaking it down into simple steps that involve new garage door tracks, a new system of garage door springs, garage door cables, garage door rollers, and garage door panels

There are so many reasons to need a garage door installation. Maybe you need an appearance update, or maybe you need to save on heating and cooling costs. You can also get a new garage door to improve your security or boost the home value. 

No matter the reason, we are happy to help with your installation. This can include both a new garage door as well as the opener, or just the door. Call us today!

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The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

garage door installation

The Brands We Work With

garage door brands

We work primarily with steel garage doors, but we can install glass garage doors. The reason we love steel is because these doors are strong and very durable. They are also:

  • Easily customizable and trendy
  • Much safer
  • More secure
  • Energy efficient
  • Insulated
  • Affordable

We work mainly with three brands – Amarr, Clopay and Wayne Dalton.

Amarr makes very durable doors that also come with patented hinges that prevent injury. Known as “safeguard” hinges, they keep hands and fingers protected from potential injuries from operating garage doors. 

Clopay’s principal advantage is that they are insulated, making them energy- and cost-efficient. The insulation the brand uses is top quality and can really help save you money on energy costs. When there is sufficient insulation, then there are fewer exit points for cool air and heat to escape. 

We also like Wayne Dalton because the doors’ insulation increases the strength of the overall door and the efficiency to conserve energy. This is another brand with high-quality insulation materials. Plus, it usually serves with attractive and stylish pieces. 

If you’re looking for a professional garage door company, you’ve come to the right place. We will help you choose the right garage door for your property. There is a wide range of garage doors to select from in our collection. We will be more than happy to advise you if you have questions. Our team is looking forward to your call!

Styles of Garage Doors

Several types of garage door styles can spruce up your home’s curb appeal. However, the decision on the style may be just as important as the decision over insulation. Here are come of the more common styles:

  • Carriage
  • Traditional 
  • Contemporary

➢ Carriage style garage doors are also known as “barn style” doors. These have a bit more character to them and feature decorative paneling. They have a unique and rustic look that matches with craftsman homes. However, your choice to install this kind of door comes down to your personal stylistic choices. 

➢ The traditional garage door is a classic look that goes well with any style of home. These doors have raised panels that stay on theme with the traditional feel. The panels are symmetrical and rectangular, making this door the best choice for homeowners with a classic taste. 

➢ The contemporary garage door works best with modern homes and even mid-century modern properties. These usually have a ton of stylistic flair to turn your home’s façade into an attractive landscape. These doors also combine multiple elements, such as wood, steel, and glass

No matter the style garage door you pick, there are some add on’s to consider. In particular, windows are a popular design. Plus, you also have a say in the decorative hardware. If you do not know how to pick all this out, one of our talented consultants would be more than happy to help!

styles of garage doors

What Is Insulation in Garage Doors?

garage door Insulation

Garage door insulation is a great characteristic to have and is one reason why we choose to work with Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. Having the insulation protects the energy within your home from escaping and saves you money on energy costs. Plus, it makes the overall door stronger and easier to use. 

An insulated garage door features these characteristics: 

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Increase the door strength
  • Quieter to open and close
  • More comfortable garage interior
  • Boost curb appeal and home value

An uninsulated garage door features these characteristics:

  • It may be more practical for milder climates
  • Usually is the door of a detached garage
  • Less expensive
  • Not energy efficient
  • Not as durable
  • Noisier to operate


All in all, it comes down to your decision and your garage. Talk to one of our consultants, and they can help guide you to the right choice. 

When it comes to measuring insulation power, experts use r-value. This stands for resistance to heat flow. When there is a higher r-value, that means the insulation is more likely to resist the heat flow and keep it protected. In other words, when the value is greater, it has a stronger insulating power. 

With r-value, you need different levels for different parts of your house. If you have an attached garage, you may want a value between seven and nine. For unattached garages, you may want between zero and six. Additionally, if you have a heated garage, 10 to 13 is best. 

Why Trust Us as Your Professional Garage Door Company?

Our garage door installation is top of the line, due mostly in part to our talented technicians. All of them are licensed, certified, and extremely knowledgeable. They also hold more than ten years of experience in their profession of installing garage doors. 

If that is not enough to convince you, we also operate under a reliable warranty. Plus, all the brands we work with have undergone excruciating investigation before being selected. 

Discovery Garage Doors has also made a name for ourselves with a fast turnaround time. We can usually fulfill a request or complete an installation within one and three days. Plus, we always remove the original door for free and clean up the site before we exit the project. 

Finally, we are very proud to offer upfront pricing so that we stay as transparent as possible with our clients. We know how stressful it is to replace a garage door. We try to make the process simpler by letting you know exactly how much to pay. 

Interested in a New Garage Door? Call us Today for a Free Estimate!

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