Upgrading Your Garage Door to Increase Home Value

Upgrading Your Garage Door to Increase Home Value

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Imagine yourself walking in the neighborhood and passing through the houses. What catches your attention? Most often than not, it’s the garage and entrance door of the house. Your home’s facade is the first part of the house that catches the sight of visitors or even a mere bypasser.

While a garage door’s primary function is to preserve the vehicle, it also exhibits aesthetic effect, making a well-maintained house exterior. Several small home renovation ideas could increase the value of the property, and upgrading the garage door gives the most Return of Investment or ROI. 

Below are some ways a garage door can increase the property value of a house.

Renovated Styles Improve Curb and Resale Appeal

Apart from a well-maintained front yard, garage doors increase property value. A nice-looking garage door attracts attention and resonates well kept indoors too. Give your house an instant facelift by renovating your garage door and add more money in your pocket when the time comes that you need to sell the house as it adds desirability to the property.

No buyer would bother taking a tour inside the house when they found the exterior too lousy at first glance. According to the survey made to realtors, homes with renovated garage doors sell faster than those who do not.

For the garage door replacement, choose a color that compliments the color of your house for an enhanced look. By upgrading this part of the house, it will seem that the entire home had undergone a significant renovation too. Garage doors can be steel, wood, fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl.

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Color can also have a remarkable impact on garage doors; for example, colors that complement the house’s exterior paint or a bold and loud color for an accent design significantly affect your home’s beauty and elegance, as seen from the street.
New paint will do the trick if the budget limits the desire to give your garage door its much-needed makeover. A can or two of fresh new paint can instantly rehabilitate your worn-out and old-looking overhead door. Give your home that brand new look on a budget. Improve your curb appeal and your home’s exterior look using these low-cost improvement projects. By upgrading your garage door, you will notice a significant improvement in your house’s curb appeal in an instant.

Energy Efficiency

As the biggest opening in a house, garage doors must have a tight seal to protect the home from the outside air. Insulation perhaps is the most crucial factor to consider when installing a garage door. A tightly sealed, insulated door can make your garage warmer in winter and cooler during summer days. That means less energy consumption for your heating and cooling devices, and less consumption means money saved!

Invest in garage doors with high a R-values rating, which refers to the resistance power of insulation against cold or hot weather. The higher the rating, the better insulation it provides. Typically, the R-11 rating is the most preferred by users, while R 14-16 for areas with colder climates.

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More particularly for garages attached to the house, proper garage door insulation is essential to keep the entire abode comfortable in any weather. It prevents the outside air from coming in, which is more effective if the doors and windows have a weatherstrips seal.
Apart from the weather protection an insulated garage door can offer, it also helps lessen the sound from the outside to be filtered. You are making your house quieter and free from unnecessary noises such as car horns and revving sounds or your loud partying neighbors every weekend.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of the dweller and the belongings are the utmost priority of establishing a reliable garage door. It’s important to invest in a reliable garage door opener. Opt for modern garage doors are installed with safety factors like photo-eye sensors. When something or someone is blocking the door opening, it will activate the auto-reversal function, preventing itself from closing, thus avoiding accidents.

WiFi-powered doors are also becoming a trend these days. This feature enables navigation through the mobile phone. Opening and closing the doors can do with convenience without the need to come out of the car. It also has a safety attribute wherein the homeowner will receive real-time notification when somebody tries to commit burglary through the garage door.

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Ask your home renovation contractor for garage door opener repair or installation. Discovery Garage Doors provides services for installing garage doors and garage door openers.

Adds to the Return of Investment

Home improvement projects do not need to break the bank. There are minor renovations that can be done and give the house a revamp instantly and a quick return from your capital. One of the easiest ways is to give your home a garage door replacement. It may probably be one of the cheapest and most doable renovations anyone can make to add value to the house.

Is it worth it to invest in your garage door? Absolutely. You will regain your invested money when you decide to sell the house. Since replacing it improves the beauty and functionality, home buyers will be glad to add a few more bucks for your home with new garage doors.

Accommodates the Style of your Property

The design of a garage door varies depending on the unique personality and style preferred by the homeowner or specific requirements, if they have any. Modern design homes use contemporary garage doors typically made with wood, glass, aluminum, stained glass panels, or pebble glass. Classic styles have wood embossed designs that give depth, dimension, and rustic-themed houses. In comparison, glass and aluminum are becoming popular nowadays as it exhibits a clean and modern aesthetic outline for homes and high-end commercial buildings.
The material used and the design and details accentuated to it impact the overall look of your garage door. Go for designs that complement the house’s color and structure to balance the aesthetic charm and establish the visual conformity of the home or the building. Refrain from using materials that detract from the original design of the house.
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Improvement projects add value to the home and provide comfort and better protection to the inhabitants. This enhancement is what upgrading your garage door can provide. There are parts of the door that are wearing out and torn down that need replacement over time. Invest in reliable and durable garage doors for you not to compromise the safety and security of the family.

You will never need to worry if you leave your garage door after leaving the house. Our company offers local garage door installation according to your preference and suitable needs. You can focus on your daily work and sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your family and belongings are safe from possible perpetrators. Our top priority is your and your family’s safety as well as your precious possessions.  
Look for a local garage door installation company like Discovery Garage Doors that works with the top garage door manufacturers. We provide garage door services, repair, and installation. Call us now to give you an estimate for your garage door needs.
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