Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

Common Reasons Why a Garage Door Is Not Opening Properly

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Automatic garage doors should make your life easy.
However, if your garage door is not functioning properly, the simple task of operating your garage will take you minutes.
A garage door not opening properly can be caused by different reasons.

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Power Source

garage door opener power source
Sometimes, the problem is as simple as having an unplugged automatic garage door opener.
If your garage door won’t open with the remote, try checking if the opener is correctly plugged in the outlet.
Sometimes, the outlet may be the problem. So, go ahead and test it with another appliance to see if there is a power supply.

Why Does My Garage Door Only Open Halfway?

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Misaligned sensors

Likewise, when your photo eye sensors become misaligned, they will experience problems detecting obstructions. This can cause your door to operate erratically.
So, in case you notice that your garage door opener sensors are uneven, try adjusting it and see if that fixes the problem.
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Blocked sensors

Over time, dust, oil, and grime can coat your door opener sensors.
This will cause the device to sense that something is in the doorway. Consequently, your garage door won’t open properly and will keep reversing back up.
If you have neglected your sensors for years, then it’s high time that you clean them as soon as possible. Cleaning your sensors can get your garage door to work properly again.
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The garage door can be operated manually

In case your garage door won’t open all the way, you can try operating it manually.
To do this, put the door in a closed position and then look for the red manual release cord. This is usually located hanging from the door opener trolley.
Once you get a hold of the emergency release cord, pull it down to disengage the door opener from the door. Finally, you can now lift your garage door to manually operate it.
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Weather Effects

Rain and humidity can cause your garage door to rust. When that happens, it will have a hard time moving up and down the tracks.
You can try lubricating your garage door rollers to ensure the smooth operation of your door. You can also replace the rusty hardware parts to resolve the issue.
If none of the things we suggested solved the issue, call Discovery Garage Doors. As one of the most trusted garage door repair companies, you can trust that we can fix your broken garage door within the day.

Your Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

If you suddenly hear a loud bang, that could mean that your torsion springs have snapped. This can cause your garage door to not open properly.
In this case, you should immediately call for a professional garage door repair service.
That’s because it’s hazardous to operate a door with broken springs. If you lack the technical skills to replace your springs, you better leave the job to garage door spring repair specialists.

Your Cables Have Snapped Or Popped Off

snapped garage door cable
As a consequence of having broken springs, your cables could also break. That’s because the cables only support the springs in lifting your garage door.
Call your trusted garage door cable repair specialists to replace your cables right away.

Your Remote Control Is Malfunctioning

garage remote control
The remote controlling your garage door might cause your automatic garage door to malfunction.
If you think that the signal is weak, you might be out of range or the antenna on the motor could be damaged or blocked. Try going nearer or relocating the antenna for better reception.
Your remote batteries may also be dead. In that case, then you should replace the batteries with new ones.
If none of these worked, you can try reprogramming the remote as a last resort before you call a technician to help you.

The Garage Door Is Off The Track

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Impacts and accidents can cause your garage door to go off-track. This could affect the smooth opening and closing of your door.
Leaving your garage door this way could lead to more damage and serious injuries. Thus, you should fix the issue right away by calling an expert technician.

The Garage Door Motor is Running But
You Cannot Open the Garage Door

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When you press on the remote or wall switch, you might hear the motor running but your door stays closed.
If that’s the case, check the alignment of the sensors and readjust them if they’re not properly aligned.
You should also inspect the cables. If they are broken or loose, then it means that a cable replacement is due.

The Garage Door Wall Switch Is Not Working

Do you notice that your LED light is blinking? That could signify that your garage door wall switch has a problem.
Monitor the outlet where you connect the switch to check if it’s working. If it’s not, then you need to find another outlet for your door opener switch.

Locked Door

garage door lock
You may have overlooked the possibility that someone has locked your garage door from the inside. It would be impossible for you to open your door if that’s the case.
If you have a key, unlock your garage door or ask someone from the inside to open your garage door for you.
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